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Common questions from real customers

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

Below are answers to some of the questions we hear almost every day.

Please feel free to comment any questions you might have, or email us at

How long does Pine straw normally last?: 

Pine straw retains its color for an average of 6 to 9 months. Some of our customers prefer to re-lay their straw twice or more a year, while others prefer a heavier coat only one time a year. We normally recommend two applications, one in the spring, and one in the fall. This helps maintain the color and quality year round.  

Will your bales be clean?:

At Premier Pine Straw clean, quality bales are a priority. While you will find the occasional stick or pine cone, you should never discover trash in our straw. If you do, please let us know. Customer communication allows us to be informed and make decisions regarding not only our suppliers, but our employees as well. We strive to maintain our "clean" record. 

How do you keep track of the number of bales delivered?:

When we load up a trailer with straw, the bales are stacked with a certain number of bales per row. This allows us to quickly know how many bales each trailer holds, as well as how many bales are remaining after each delivery/installation. 

When possible, we also stack the bales in pyramids of 20. This allows quick verification of the number of bales dropped and makes it easier on our employees. 

How do you keep track of the bales spread at each job?:

In addition to counting each bale as we unload, our employees keep the strings from the bales they spread. Each bale is tied with two strings. At the end of every job, they count the total number of strings, divide it by two, and add together the total amount by each employee. This allows for accountability of our employees and verification of the actual amount of bales spread.

As our customer, you can ask to count the strings once the job is finished if you feel there is a discrepancy. We always ask for honesty in our employees, and will do our best to make sure that the amount of bales paid for is the amount of bales received. 

Is the straw supposed to be that... "fluffy"? and how long does it stay that way?:

Yes. The overall fluffy look is normal right after installation and is desired by most of our customers. However, if fluffy isn't your preference, don't worry. It only lasts for 2 or 3 days at most (less if it rains) and will quickly settle down into your beds for that finished look. 

Do your crews roll the edges when they're done laying the straw?:

Yes. Each crew member has been trained to roll the edges of the straw during clean up. 

Also, don't worry if it seems like there is straw everywhere while our crew is installing. Our employees spread extra straw on the edges of your beds so that when they come through with the blower, there will be enough straw to roll.

Why can I see the dirt/edge of my flower bed when you're finished? Shouldn't the straw cover the entire bed?:

As we mentioned before, after installation the pine straw will settle down over the next few days. As it settles, it takes up more room, and sometimes can exceed the boundaries of your flower bed. When we clean up a job, we push the straw back just an inch or two, so that the straw settles within the boundaries of your flower bed, instead of outside them. 

Will your crew 'dust' the extra straw off my plants?:

During the installation process, pine straw is placed around the base of each plant, but if you've ever watched someone install pine straw or done it yourself, you know that straw flies everywhere and is impossible to contain completely. While our employees will blow off the bigger clumps on bushes during clean up, most of the time you will be responsible for uncovering your smaller plants after the job is finished. 

Have questions of your own? Contact us! Comment below or email us at We will reply personally or update this blog. 

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